You Should Play The Stanley Parable

Look, I’m just gonna go ahead and say this is a game that will be hard to write about. It’s hard to write about because so much of the joy in this game is experiencing all of the weird outcomes that arise from the decisions you make. It’s a game that is as long or as short as you want to make it. I’ll do my best to not share too many details about the various stories you can uncover, but if you want to avoid any story spoilers, just don’t play the videos (they’re not actually SPOILERS, just like, things you can experience).

So, this game has a couple of clear cut endings you can reach, but there are countless others to uncover. You start in your office with a narrator describing the situation you are in. You can choose to follow his guidance or go against whatever he says. The choice is completely up to you, although, there may be times where he actively intervenes. The narrator’s goal is to just tell a story and have you follow it. What unfolds from there is what makes the game so enjoyable. Depending on what you do, the narrator may become invested in your choices or may ridicule you at every turn.

Every time you “complete” the game, the knowledge of what has happened before stays with you. This can lead to changes in the story as you know it. For example, one thing I kept doing was going into a broom closet. The narrator got annoyed with me and decided to prevent me from going in there anymore because he kept telling me it was pointless. I burst out laughing when I turned the corner and saw this in front of me.

I played the game for a few hours and thought, “okay, I beat it – I’ve seen most of the game”, but I was SO wrong. When my brother came to visit, we had him play the game and because he chooses to go more chaotic evil in his game choices, he quickly began revealing storylines I hadn’t come close to seeing. It was in that moment I realized I had no idea just how big this game really is. For instance, I didn’t see this until my brother revealed it after constantly pissing off the narrator.

Now, if you get this game on Xbox right now, it is the “Ultimate Deluxe” edition which unlocks a brand new area with tons of NEW CONTENT to explore. You’ll need to get through a few endings to make this even appear, but once it does, there’s a whole new area to explore with more hilarious outcomes.

Even though I ran through this section myself, watching my brother explore it, I saw things I never would’ve uncovered on my own. There was one section in particular that was absolutely hysterical. If there’s anything I can recommend you do, it’s repeatedly jump into the never-ending hole. Trust me. I can’t show you what it is because it ruins the magic of it. Plus, they sarcastically posted this everywhere: no screenshots!

One of the reactions from the narrator that I loved that I think most people will uncover is in this next clip. Because the narrator is attempting to tell the same story over and over again, there are things you can anticipate and things you already know. You may be tempted to rush forward to choose a different path, but the narrator doesn’t appreciate you rushing through his story-telling.

Another moment I loved that I annoyingly didn’t think to try was in the room with the phone. I tried to wait it out and not answer, but it wouldn’t let me… so, I picked it up. Stupid me, I didn’t think to try this until I saw my brother do it!

There are so many delightful moments in this game. It really does a great job of breaking the fourth wall, making fun of gaming as a whole, and questioning who you are as a person. There’s so many surprises and I want to tell you all of them, but I think that spoils the fun of it. Let me just say you’ll find yourself in some really unexpected places. You may find yourself outside of the confines of the game or in an entirely different game overall. I have seen a lot of this game at this point and I think I’m still missing so much of it.

When I first started playing it, I was like “meh”, but as I started seeing all of the weird places it went, I really started to love it. It’s so fun and strange and unlike any game I’ve played before. It makes fun of itself and doesn’t take anything too seriously. I really enjoyed the experience of it and watching someone else go through it allows you to uncover secrets you might not otherwise. You just need to take my word for it – try this game. It’s a lot of fun.

Did you play this game when it originally came out? Have you tried the ULTRA DELUXE version!? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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