ESO: My Biggest Crafting Writ EVER and Maxing Out the Werewolf Skill Line

I’m still deep in that High Isle life, but some exciting side developments have occurred! I love crafting in Elder Scrolls, and while I’ve completed a lot of sealed writs, I just completed my biggest writ ever. And after that, I finally looked into leveling up my werewolf skill tree, discovering that it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Let’s nerd out on these ESO updates!

First things first, the writ! I have invested a lot of time and resources into unlocking all of the crafting options available. While I don’t have every motif, I do have all of the traits researched for every armor, weapon, and jewelry type. If you play ESO, you know that is time consuming. When the jewelry skill line was introduced a couple of years ago, I unlocked all of it as well, but getting the materials for crafting higher quality jewelry is no easy task. The materials are scarce and buying them is expensive. I have not ever completed a sealed jewelry writ for this reason.

Sealed writs are rewards you can sometimes get for doing the daily writs posted in towns. Completing these gives you a currency called ‘writ vouchers’ that you can spend on special items from a specific vendor. Most of the time, you’ll get basic ones that aren’t worth a lot. Sometimes I’ll complete them just to clear them from my inventory, but a lot of times they just collect dust because it’s so much effort for so little reward. (It’s not a ton of effort – I’m just lazy). Anyway – I completed a daily jewelry writ and received a sealed writ as a reward. It was legendary (the highest tier) and as I was debating throwing it up for sale, I noticed the value. 578 writs! THAT IS SO MUCH. I’ve never received a sealed writ worth so much! And OF COURSE, it’s jewelry, the HARDEST MOST EXPENSIVE writ possible. I looked it over… this could be doable…

Anyway, I surprisingly had enough of the upgrade materials except for one (the zircon plate aka purple quality material) so I decided to start doing some surveys to collect a bunch of material (I always use Mad Rabbit Gaming Youtube videos to find locations quickly), hoping to get more zircon grains. It was during this time that I learned you can actually get legendary leads from surveys, whhaaaatttt! (I got 3!) Still, I didn’t have quite enough zircon grains to make all the plates I needed. I decided to cough up 10k for the last bit of material needed. Once that was done though, I was able to complete the request!

578 writs! I can’t believe it! Now I could go crazy buying some rare recipes, but I’m so excited to have completed this that I don’t want to spend it yet. Doing this has kind of reignited my love for running around aimlessly harvesting materials in the world. It is so satisfying despite the fact that I rarely ever craft anything.

Next topic: after completing this crazy writ, it got me thinking: what have I been putting off that I should revisit? That’s when I remembered my werewolf skill line that I’ve spent almost no time doing. Literally years ago, I was turned into a werewolf, but I kept getting frustrated with a buggy quest and gave up. I wasn’t sure how to go about leveling it effectively; I mean most skill lines are a total slog to do. What do I have to lose? Well, I quickly learned that this was something I could’ve easily done years ago.

A simple Google search let me know that all you need to do to level is kill enemies. It’s not about the quality of the kill; it’s the quantity! Kill enough and you’ll level the skill in no time. The secret? Go to an area with really crappy weak enemies and farm them. In the video I found, it took me to an area in Coldharbour just outside The Vile Laboratory (around where that blue diamond is on the map below).

Within an hour I maxed out the werewolf skill line. I also happened across a group of people running a loop on world bosses and I killed all of them in the area (which I hadn’t done previously). Overall, great investment! Will I use the werewolf skill a lot? I don’t know… but I have it!

I love you, Elder Scrolls Online. Sometimes I fall out of it for months at a time, but when I come back, it’s like we never were apart. I’ll leave you with this little gem of a random event I found in High Isle. I almost ran by it because I was looking for antiquities, but I’m glad I stopped and witnessed this.

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