Stray: The Reason I Finally Played the Playstation

Well, here we are. I wasn’t sure this moment would ever come. We have all of the gaming consoles here, but I don’t play Playstation. I tried doing Spiderman games, but eh, Playstation is just… different. I haven’t felt compelled to play games on it until Stray finally released. With the choice between PC and Playstation, I officially signed into the Playstation 5 and began my journey in Stray. I bring you my first ever Playstation post!

Stray. Is. SO. CUTE!!!! It’s a short game, fairly easy to follow, and completely adorable. Playing as a little sassy orange cat, life is peaceful until you take an unfortunate tumble into the dark below. You’ll spend the game trying to make your way back “outside”, but you’ll need help along the way. Although you can get around fairly well on your own, you still don’t have thumbs and you’re pretty tiny… and if you’re anything like me, you’re so distracted by your little cat antics that you probably would’ve beaten the game faster if it weren’t for things like this:

The game is beautiful and the music is perfect for the environment. While the game will give you some puzzles to solve, they aren’t difficult and you’re more likely to just get lost just trying to navigate the alleyways. Everywhere I went, I made it a point to knock things over, claw things up, and sleep in random locations. I was repeatedly yelling out “AWWW” as I mashed the “meow” button and watched the reactions of robots around me.

You’ll encounter a few enemy types as you make your way through the cities and try to find your way home. Because you’re a lil cutie, you’re not really fighting as much as you are running for your life. It’s pretty easy to get out of dire situations and the tension rarely lasts long. Most of the tension I experienced was from poorly-timed attempts to sneak around rooms and trying to figure out the best way to record on Playstation since I’m a total noob. I don’t think I should share too much of those sequences just so there is some mystery to the game, so here’s me being the worst.

This game isn’t difficult, but it is enjoyable. You’ll find a friend early-on in the game who helps you communicate with the robot people. One of my favorite moments was when I was without him and suddenly couldn’t understand anything. I loved the interaction between me and the robot I was with, inferring what the other needed based off gestures and environment.

I would’ve beaten this game much quicker if I wasn’t fully embodying the feeling of being a chaotic little cat trying to cause trouble everywhere I went. I’m sure many people who play this game will say it is too short and not challenging enough, but I enjoyed the story and the environment so much that I don’t think it’s a problem. It’s a really unique experience and I was invested in the story. In the short time I spent with my robot friends, I quickly developed a strong desire to help them find a way out with me.

I think this game is so pretty and I don’t have too much to say now, so I’m going to just post another screenshot because the graphics deserve a lot of love and attention. It’s super atmospheric and beautiful.

Anyway, Stray is adorable and I think it’s worth playing. Will I play another Playstation game? Probably not for a looonnng time. I’m an Xbox girl for life. Another pretty screenshot!!!

To conclude, here is a video from one of my nap spots that made me feel like I was in a lo-fi playlist. Have you played Stray? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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