The Time I Got 1k Twice and Other Destiny Updates

I really need to get better about writing these updates as they happen. Now I’m trying to reflect back on these game clips I have and remember why the heck I even captured them to begin with. I can at least start with what I know, which is that I finally unlocked One Thousand Voices…. twice.

One Thousands Voices is a very good heavy exotic weapon that you can only get from the Last Wish raid. Our group was doing the usual thing. We kill Riven, get an ethereal key, and then hope someone gets the coveted One Thousand Voices gun. I actually didn’t really care if I got it. I’m the person who used Spoils of Conquest to buy an exotic sparrow when everyone told me to buy Anarchy (it was the best gun to get last season, but I was of the mindset “f grenade launchers”).

Everyone was swapping characters to get another key (you can get up to three keys a week which is three chances at the gun). I have three characters on Destiny, but I almost never play them. I usually don’t switch and just do the runs again on my warlock despite it not giving drops again, but I decided to go ahead and swap characters this time. Why not?

We finish the third run, enter the room, start unlocking chests and here is what happened to me:

Two!! I got TWO One Thousand Voices. After I opened my first one and got the gun, I tried to wait a little for everyone else to open chests. I honestly didn’t think this would have happened, but I did want to make sure since I got the gun everyone was able to open the chest of their choosing. Unfortunately what makes this so funny is that everyone in our raid group has now acquired this gun except my boyfriend. I was sitting next to him as this moment unfolded and I just kept yelling, “I’M SO SORRY!”.

Now this is where my “I should be writing these sooner” comment comes into play because we have started dipping our toes into the Garden of Salvation raid and I can’t really remember a lot of what I want to say about it.

First thought: it’s really pretty! We made it to the final boss, but we have not fully beaten the raid. There are a lot of mechanics that don’t necessarily click in my head just yet, but that’s mostly because I can count on one hand how many times I’ve walked into this place.

I don’t have too many clips from encounters in this raid as a result, but I do have part of one encounter that took a while to nail down. This arena is huge and I was slow to getting oriented running around in here. Once I learned where to go, it was just a matter of trying to time your runs because it takes sooooo long to get where you’re going. There’s two teams in this encounter, and I was on the team collecting motes and preventing vex sacrifices. I liked this role and have no idea what the other team was doing. Although I haven’t spent much time here, the encounters in this raid are pretty unique and I like them.

We are still regularly running through Vault of Glass trying to get Vex Mythoclast for other people. Now that four of us have Vex, we’ve gone in and acquired the catalyst for it. I have it, but I have not unlocked it yet so I am unable to report on how dope it is. I have heard it is “tite”. Insert picture of my Vex in the cute Halloween event that I never wrote about but really enjoyed:

Last but not least, since I did all of these things and never play my other characters, I decided to remake them. I realized I don’t think they were super cute and they looked alike. Since I hadn’t really unlocked anything on them anyway, it wasn’t really a loss. Here are their new faces (Awoken > everything):

My hunter: a pale, washed out look that I thought was cool.

My titan: a more rugged, ‘I will crush you with my bare hands’ look.

I’m still working on finding the perfect aesthetic for my warlock. I FINALLY got a level 1330 primary so I feel like a grown-up (1330 is the level cap this season). I’m past season level 100 too (I don’t play as often as other people so I’m slow to hit these milestones). With all of that shared, I think that sums up my latest adventures.

Are you playing Destiny? What is your favorite thing to do in the game? Let me know in the comments!

I leave you with an appropriately placed emote courtesy of my brother.

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