Can We Talk About How Amazing Prey Is?

I just finished Prey last night and I am still thinking about the game. I’m thinking about it so much that I want to go back in and keep exploring. It’s a game that is strange, riveting, confusing, unsettling, and a whole list of other adjectives at the same time. It’s also a game that takes a while to learn how to play and it’s a story that leaves you with more questions than answers. With that said, this game is incredible to explore and I’m excited to tell you more about it. Be warned, there will be some slight spoilers ahead!

The game starts unassuming enough. I realized early on that I was able to interact with a LOT of things which led me to running around my apartment, throwing items, and filling my toilet with random objects. What makes this especially funny to me is the realization that this is all a lie and my behaviors make my character appear incredibly unhinged. This is all a simulation. It is all a lie.

I have to say one of my favorite aspects of this game is how the story unfolds. You’re on a massive ship in space, there’s aliens all over, and it’s not quite clear if there are any survivors. As you’re walking around though, you’ll start to run into people and situations you may or may not be able to become part of. It’s the way these events sporadically appear throughout the story that kept me on the edge of my seat. You never know what has changed in different parts of the ship as you make your way forward.

What I love about this game is that the mystery maintains throughout. You never know what to believe. Who is actually a friend and who is manipulating you. Your decisions in some situations may seem like no-brainers, but you may find yourself taking a moment to question if you can really trust the information as it is presented to you. I tend to lean more “good guy” in stories, but I’ll take moments to do some chaotic evil just for the hell of it. I also am guilty of saving before making a decision so I can immediately load back if I am not okay with what happens.

The game is largely well-lit, but the eerie music and sound effects will have you creeping around corners rather than running full-speed into situations. There are a variety of enemies you will encounter and they only become bigger and more dangerous with time. Depending on what skills you unlock, you may find yourself encountering one of the most intense enemies in the game pretty frequently: the nightmare. When this spawns, you have a couple of options: attack or hide. It is big; it is powerful, and it is scary. The first time I saw one, I was completely taken aback. Later in the game, I’d try other methods of engagement, but the thing is pretty aware of what’s going on around it. There is no sneaking up on it.

One thing it took me way to long to figure out is that not everything is as straightforward as it seems. There are multiple ways to navigate the ship. Climbing pipes, breaking glass, and using skills you’ve unlocked can help you get into places you might’ve thought were inaccessible otherwise. I will say this isn’t exactly intuitive, but I guess that may be because of my experience in other games. I also think that sometimes the objective markers aren’t super clear so it can become confusing at times.

In true Bethesda fashion though, the physics of this game make me laugh. Corpses will be laid out in strange positions and sometimes a blast to an enemy will have more extreme results than you anticipated. Be wary clicking the next video as it is an action I took during one of the various endings you can choose.

This game has some of the most interesting mechanics I’ve experienced in a game. The world-building is incredible and I would advise you to try to go into this as blind as possible. I am trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum because it really is a game best played blind. I would recommend saving a separate file before choosing your final path so that you can go back and explore more of the game without having to start over. There are multiple endings!

In summary, I know I’m late to the party, but I loved Prey. You’ll learn new ways to play just by experimenting in the game so try new things! You never know what combination of weapons and skills will lead to better outcomes. I really enjoyed uncovering the secrets of this world. I’ll leave you with my favorite moment from the game. It would probably be considered a spoiler though so watch at your own discretion.

Have you played this game? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know your thoughts!

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