My Latest Pokemon Go Adventures

Well, it has been quite a crazy time in Pokemon Go for me. First, I went across the country and finally got to catch a regional Pokemon I’ve been wanting. I’m super nerdy and check to see what might be in the area before I go. When I saw I had a layover in Tennessee, I knew that meant carnivine was potentially in my future! As soon as we landed, I turned off airplane mode and checked the app. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this:

Carnivine! Finally! When I finally saw him in the flesh, I was so nervous. This is my chance. I don’t know how many more I will get. I need this. And guess what…

I’ve got him! I’ve got to catch a few though… because my thing is, I need to spread the wealth. If I have a chance to bring regionals to my friends, I will. So to my fellow Poke-nerds, I’ve got a couple of these little creeps available to give away.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Pokemon Go Fest came and it was crazy. This was my first year playing in Pokemon Go Fest while a member of a Facebook group with some very intense players. Remote raids were happening all over and legendaries were spawning at ridiculous rates. Finally, I had the opportunity to face off with some I never had the chance to before. On top of that, regionals not native to North America spawned and I was so excited! Sawk and Chatot have joined my collection! (I’ve got extras for those who may have missed their chance).

The legendaries were insanity. Raids were 20k by default (put on lucky eggs and raid your heart out) and people were spamming invites. There were so many people trying to raid that lobbies were too full and you couldn’t get in. I played in a ton and I know there are some people who did even more than me! A quick video of my legendary haul:

I was most excited to lock down Zekrom and Reshiram: these were two I had never been able to raid against before. And now I’ve got multiple! Surprisingly (or not), my shiny rate was abysmal. The only shiny I got was Suicine (and I got two of those!).

Despite all this, I’m still millions away from the next level, but I had fun! Pokemon Go will always have a soft spot in my heart. Did you play in the Pokemon Go Fest? Any highlights from this year’s event? Tell me about it!

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