Little Nightmares 2: A Satisfying Sequel

With how much I loved Little Nightmares, it was hard to imagine I could love the sequel as much. After spending so much quality time with Six, I didn’t want to go without her, but Little Nightmares 2 keeps the magic alive in more ways than one. Slight spoilers, but I won’t ruin the ending of the game for you! Here’s my feelings on Little Nightmares 2.

Little Nightmares 2 wastes no time dropping you right into a haunting environment. After going through the first game, I was a bit more prepared. I knew from the first one that the game would slowly introduce me to the world. The beginning would start quietly enough and begin dropping in little environmental elements to start putting me on high alert. You start in a dark, foggy forest and slowly make your way forward to find what lies ahead.

You play as Mono, a cute little character with a mask over his head. Side note, you can find unique little hats throughout the game and swap them at any time. You will start with a paper bag, but you can find things like the bear mask in the photo above.

The game may appear to be co-op from the cover photo, but it isn’t. While you are playing the game alone, Mono is not without help. You’ll quickly discover a familiar face in the first chapter. Teaming up together, you now have a co-op partner built into the game. Somehow, having the company makes things feel a little less scary.

Little Nightmares 2 is just as beautiful and haunting as the first. You’ll find each chapter has a unique monster chasing you, but some have several you’ll encounter along the way. The lighting and music combined with the gradually building vibrations in your controller make every moment with one of these monsters memorable.

Now, overall, I’d say I find the monsters of the first Little Nightmares to be more terrifying, but that is not to say this game isn’t without its fear-inducing moments. One chapter in particular was especially stressful. If you remember what I said about my first experience with Little Nightmares, me and aiming flashlights do not get along. At least I don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking my flashlight off anymore in this one. There’s a segment that puts me on total edge and gives me so much anxiety. Trying to balance the art of escaping while also keeping enemies at bay is no easy feat, especially when you aren’t sure who is an enemy, and who is nothing at all.

The chases in Little Nightmares 2 are grander and more elaborate this time around. You’ll find the camera changing angles as you race through corridors, leap on top of furniture, and slide into small spaces. You’ll have to think on your toes as many of these escapes require you to complete a task to get away. This chase is one of the most memorable for me:

I love the immersive world of Little Nightmares. As much as I missed playing as Six, exploring with Mono made me grow to love him too. Much like Six, Mono is afflicted with his own issues that you’ll soon discover as you make your way through the story. Again, there are no words, but every piece of this game comes together to tell an intricate story.

If it isn’t obvious yet, you should play the first Little Nightmares before diving into this world. As you move through the chapters, you’ll start to uncover connections to the first story. What starts as a journey to escape together quickly shifts gears into a deeper tale that I think is open to interpretation. I absolutely fell in love with this story.

Much like Six had in the first game, Mono has a standout moment with an absolutely gorgeous cutscene. I’ll just show the opening to it here because, WOW. It is gorgeous.

The game isn’t over though. Chapter 5 is puts you in an entirely new world. I won’t be writing about what happens in it, but just get ready. It is something else. Ugh, but the ending… THE ENDING. Gut-wrenching! Little Nightmares 2 nails it!

Guys. I love it; I love it; I LOVE IT. Little Nightmares 2 delivers AGAIN. Is there DLC in the future with this game? Will there be another installment? I love this little world and I want to keep going back again and again. I can’t recommend the Little Nightmares games more!

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