Little Nightmares is Terrifying Fun

Little Nightmares is the reason I decided I should start blogging about the games I play. I was uploading clips of me playing the game on Instagram and it received a lot of responses. People were asking what I was playing, they were rooting for my little characters to make it, and they were thrilled by the adrenaline-pumping chases I found myself in. Now I want to write about why I think everyone should explore this fascinating world.

Little Nightmares was my first exploration into horror games. I’m scared of everything, but the style of this game made me want to jump in. The artwork is gorgeous, the music is haunting, and the gameplay is totally immersive. I creeped around corners and crouched under furniture as much as possible. When things became scary, I found myself shouting and jumping as I urged my little character to run as fast as her little legs could carry her.

You play as Six, a creepy little character in a raincoat. Armed with only a lighter, you travel through several chapters littered with puzzles to unlock and each is headlined by a major monster. Each chapter has its own big bad you’re evading and while not all of these monsters are necessarily scary, the music combined with the perfectly timed vibrations in your controller will have you stopping to look around more often than not.

Little Nightmares delivers fear effortlessly with just the tiniest hints of something looming around the corner. Your controller will gradually begin to pulse and vibrate intensely as you get closer to the major monster you’re evading. The music will swell and you’ll find yourself questioning if you actually did just see something looming in the shadows. These little peeks and hints of something ominous keep your senses heightened and even when you’re expecting it, you’ll still find yourself completely caught off guard.

I LOVE THIS GAME. No words are spoken, but an engrossing story unfolds as you make your way through each stage. There is a bit of trial and error, but with checkpoints, you won’t find yourself set back too far. When in doubt, run. More often than not you’ll think you’re alone when suddenly someone drops in behind you. And when it looks like there’s nowhere else to run, sometimes, just staying hidden is all you can to do stay alive.

Once you finish the final chapter with Six, you are given an absolutely stunning ending cut scene that has you loving Six more than ever. I was so satisfied with the ending, I couldn’t imagine loving the DLC as much, but boy, was I wrong. You find yourself back in the world as a new character – someone you might’ve seen on your original journey as Six. You’ll be exploring some familiar territory while also embarking on journeys in new zones.

You wake up and find yourself in a familiar area. The Runaway Kid’s story picks up from here. You’ll start by backtracking one of the first zones you explored, but from a totally new perspective. Even though you’ve been here, it doesn’t feel recycled and you will quickly find yourself in new areas you haven’t seen before.

What game isn’t complete without a water stage? Water stages are without a doubt the worst in every game (I stand by this opinion) and Little Nightmares is no exception. I found myself screaming and panicking more in this level than in any other. The horror of not knowing what lurks below is the stuff of nightmares (lol), and Little Nightmares knows how to heighten this.

I will say I found the DLC more challenging than Six’s story. The water level is maddening enough when you feel like the Runaway Kid will just NOT swim fast enough, but the final stage was just as frustrating. Using your flashlight to expel shadowy monsters seems simple enough, but when you’re pushing hard on the stick to keep them in the line-of-sight, you may find yourself accidentally clicking your flashlight off more often than you intend to. I can’t tell you how many deaths I experienced because I was trying to aim so hard and destroy them. There are also some parts where they do not stop spawning so you’ll have to just make a run for it rather than try to take them all out.

I gotta tell you though, the payoff of getting through to the ending of this DLC is absolutely worth it. I was completely crushed when I realized what was happening. When the camera panned out and the music grew louder, the game came full circle and I audibly responded to it. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you want to see it, check out this clip below.

I’ll be writing about Little Nightmares 2 as well (you NEED to play the first one before starting the second) to really understand the story and see how the two games connect. Again, I LOVE THIS GAME. If you’re looking for a thrilling puzzler that will have you on the edge of your seat and completely immerse you in a unique world, I cannot recommend this game enough. It is a blast from start to finish.

Want more Little Nightmares? You should check out Little Nightmares 2!

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