Wrapping Up It Takes Two

Well, we’ve done it. We finally finished It Takes Two. Here’s a little glimpse into the final stages of the game and then a summary of my thoughts on it. As always, there are spoilers so read at your own risk.

This game is looooonnnggg. Rather than go into detail about each zone, I’ll share a couple of things from each one.

After the clock world, we’ve got three more zones to explore. The first zone is a combination of underwater exploration and a snowy town. These worlds are incredibly elaborate and fun to explore. You’ll find hidden tasks to accomplish in them. One is reuniting a turtle with her four baby turtles. Another is feeding these seals which I discovered after assaulting them.

As you complete each zone, there are changes in the house that Rose observes in a totally not-creepy way. She is absolutely not a vacant-eyed haunting child about it.

The next zone is the garden where Cody turns into an infant and whines that he “can’t garden” because “May doesn’t believe in him”. I audibly PFFFFTT’d when I heard this because, grow up, Cody. This zone is vibrant and challenging and it actively forces us to confront our apprehension about spiders. They really drive home how cute and soft the spiders are to try and actively dissuade us from remembering we are RIDING ON SPIDERS.

The final boss of this zone gave me serious Conker’s Bad Fur Day Busty Sunflower vibes. Probably just me being a weirdo, but those eyes had a vibe. Am I the only one who played that game as a child when I probably shouldn’t have been?

After this, we enter our final zone. It is so long. It’s music themed and you spend time running around musical instruments, floating through heaven, and bouncing through colorful rooms to get all the equipment needed to put on a performance. Again, it was pretty and it was vibrant, but at this point, I’m just wanting this game to end. Dr. Hakim is trying really hard to be a source of humor, but this book needs to buzz off.

The game also had a very pretty rainbow road zone (which they definitely acknowledged was familiar). I’m just posting this video because I really liked how much it popped.

And once we put on our performance, we are forced into a cringe kiss where both participants must hold Y to complete the union of our two dolls. I kept letting it go because I thought it was funny.

Anyway, we wake up and find out our possessed daughter has run away with a sandwich and lollipop so that we can “be friends again”. So we go running after her, have a reunion, and pretend that we don’t see something is definitely wrong with this kid.

The end! No divorce! Happily ever after!

Overall, like I said before, I don’t like the messaging of this game. I don’t like the characters or the story, but the game mechanics are fun. The puzzles are interesting, the worlds are intricate and creative. I really liked playing in them and exploring them. I will say I was getting burned out at the end. I was audibly questioning how many more activities and zones were left. As much as I liked the gameplay, the story made it hard to stay engaged. I was not rooting for them to stay together. Honestly, I wish they went through all this and just went through with their divorce anyway.

Are they any games you’ve enjoyed playing despite not liking the story?

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