This isn’t a post about a game, but just an update since I’ve been absent. I’m still gaming and I have a ton I can write about. I can tell you about the countless hours my niece and I have spent on Goat Simulator 3. I can talk about the terrible frame rate of Pokemon Scarlet (but it’s still a fun game to play). I could also go into the emotional roller coaster of ending A Plague Tale: Requiem. I’m not going to do that today.

The thing is, this blog has a lot of photos and videos. I think it is crucial to my process and makes things way more engaging. Unfortunately, WordPress has limits on the amount of space you have and I’ve hit the limit with my last post. They also do not let you just buy more space. You have to upgrade your entire plan… which is a couple hundred dollars I just can’t really justify.

Writing about games is fun and I hope anything I have written here has mattered or helped in some small way. This has been a fun little hobby for me. Most of my reach is probably spam bots, but if you’re a real human who read this… Thank you.

This isn’t really a goodbye post. It’s just an explanation for my absence. Maybe one day I’ll be back with more stories. I’m not sure. Anyway, thanks again and see you around Xbox Live.

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