Eververse is my Favorite Part of Destiny

Season 17 is right around the corner and it seems like most of the Destiny community is angry they don’t know anything about it. Me? I like the secrecy. I like that people can’t prep for what is coming and we get to discover things for the first time together. To be honest, there is only one thing I really care to know about: what new emotes, shaders, and armor styles I can get.

I love Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I have to log in and see what Eververse has. My primary goal in Destiny is to be the cutest, sassiest Guardian. One of my primary motivators in getting new emotes is to taunt my brother with them. He makes me laugh all of the time with the emotes he equips and my goal is to deliver an equally-funny emote back. When I saw the low score emote, I knew I needed it primarily to harass my brother in every activity we do.

Speaking of my brother, he inspires me to get emotes because he is a master at a well-executed, perfectly timed emote. When he busted this emote out during raids, I caved and bought it. Watching him lift a baby eliksni in the face of raid bosses made me laugh. I’m a copycat.

There are so many emotes I love so this post will mostly be me saying, “OMG I LOVE THIS” with a clip over and over again. This is only a small fraction of the many emotes I’ve had in my rotation and only being able to equip 4 at a time does not always feel like enough. This emote was my first exotic emote and I did not take it off for a long time. I just love the drama of it so much.

Another difficult-to-part-with table emote is the “this is fine” emote. I often feel like the living embodiment of this meme and it was perfectly depicted in this game. I always love when I do it and someone comes over to roast a marshmallow over my table. Some emotes pair so perfectly with others.

Some emotes are amazing because they are perfect for the situation you are in. There are a couple of emotes that I love using in raids or dungeons specifically. Navigating big raids and jumping puzzles? The map emote is perfect for capturing the sheer size of the activity.

Trying to get a look at Rhulk or the giant worm god in Vow of the Disciple? Put on your binoculars!

Is the map simply too dark and you can’t see where you’re supposed to go? Light up the area with your trusty flashlight!

And this list wouldn’t be complete without my favorite dances! I absolutely love how Bungie brings meme culture and popular trends into the game. My first favorite dance that I loved always made me so hyped up watching it. I’d literally be sitting on my couch going, “aaayyyeeee!” as my warlock worked the floor.

Some dances took me a while to remember where I knew them from. When my brother busted out this dance, I knew I recognized it, but I couldn’t place it. Then, I remembered: Burn After Reading! A gif of Brad Pitt finally popped into my head (sup).

Others are so obvious the moment they start. The infamous Spiderman dance was a no-brainer to pick up. The dance haunts everyone and a new viral video is making the rounds of a kid replicating these moves perfectly. Now, it is immortalized in Destiny.

And this one! This one I KNEW, but could not remember why I knew it. I kept thinking it was some kind of cartoon, until I finally realized… it was… IT!

Most emotes I use are legendary or exotic, but there is one blue emote that stands the test of time. Sometimes, I’m feelin’ sassy and this emote just delivers.

Another current favorite that I just can’t unequip is this sparkling chaotic mess of an emote. I love when multiple people do it at the same time because it is a bright and beautiful jumble of colors.

One of the best part about emotes is finding people who join in with you. I’ll stand around in the tower just waiting for a random to join me and I love the anticipation of “will he or won’t he”. DANCE WITH ME!

There are so many more emotes I love, but I can’t have this post go on forever. What new emotes will the next season bring? Everyone is looking forward to the new seasonal content, and I’m waiting for the new Eververse store content. Will it bring me an emote like this? Probably not. But I needed an excuse to post this so… bye!

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