I Ruined my K/D for the Deadeye Seal in Destiny 2

I’ve recently become more interested in getting titles/seals in Destiny 2. Titles are little banners you can earn from completing specific objectives and while they don’t actually *do* anything, it is cool to see them displayed under your name (Or your brother’s name because Bungie STILL won’t let you change your display name). Some are tied to the current season of the game meaning you have a limited amount of time to get it. Others are around forever and you can work towards them whenever you’d like. There are a LOT of triumphs seals in the game, and many of them are legacy now, meaning you cannot acquire them anymore.

The first title I ever got was “Undying” and since I didn’t fully understand what the requirements were, I ended up grinding out activities in Destiny until I never wanted to play the game again. Undying was a seasonal title and I had to finish it before the season ended. I put myself in the worst situation going for it during the last week of the season, but since I had already spent so much time on it, I had to see it through to the end. Now that I have a better grasp on the work needed to complete seals, I try to spread the work around so I’m not taking vacation days from work to finish a title before it disappears forever (Worth it! I hated myself in the moment, but I refuse to unequip Undying now).

Despite knowing I never intend to take Undying off, I am still trying to acquire titles. I got it in my head that I should get the Deadeye seal, a triumph seal tied to weapon-specific kills both in PVE and PVP. Getting the PVE part wasn’t hard even if it was a bit of a slog. I am the type of player that will only use the guns I like, no exceptions. You will not find me using half the gun types in the game. Linear fusion rifles, grenade launchers, bows, snipers, sidearms, hand cannons, swords, and trace rifles… nope. Fusion rifles would also be on this list, but once I got Vex Mythoclast, that stopped being the case. The only reason I have kills associated with some of these guns is because seasonal mods force me to use them. To prove how serious I am about this (especially when it comes to PVP), this is my current number of sword kills in Crucible (thankfully not required for the Deadeye seal)!

My main load out in PVP is Vigilance Wing (a pulse rifle), Wishbringer (a shotgun), and whatever random heavy I’ve decided to equip (usually a rocket launcher). To complete the Deadeye seal, you need a certain number of final blows, precision kills, and for some, specific medals, to finish the objectives. I am not exaggerating when I say I had single-digit kills or no kills with almost all of the weapons I mentioned above. Choosing to do this was an absolute grind. I don’t know when I took this screenshot, but I just want to prove that my K/D wasn’t THAT bad before this, okay!?

Here are some of the highlights of how I chose to attack this. The first I want to share, I do not have any clips for, but it drove my boyfriend crazy watching me do it. Grenade launcher kills are a nightmare for me. I have the worst aim. Sure, I could use Witherhoard and hope that the AoE (area of effect) perk it has would help me, but I decided to use a different seasonal one to double-dip on some old quests I never completed. My workaround was to go into Mayhem (a crucible PVP mode where your abilities spawn really fast and it’s a chaotic free-for-all mostly) and freeze people with my Stasis melee so I could direct shoot them in the face with a grenade launcher. It was hilariously awful, but I slowly finished the grenade launcher kill requirement with this absurd tactic. I didn’t use my super at all which is the whole point of this game mode and why it was such a ridiculous approach.

Since I don’t have a clip from this, here’s the moment I got the sidearm triumph done. This one I only finished because of the introduction of Forerunner – I love this gun (which is weird considering everything else I’ve shared so far)! The medal I needed was to get a kill with one gun, switch to a sidearm, and get another kill within 5 seconds (double-dipping running a hand cannon).

The one that caused me the most grief was the sniper rifle requirement. I think I had 2 out of 100 kills and no precision kills in PVP. Unfortunately, this one also required a medal called Mission Control where you need two precision kills with a sniper in one life… the catch is, you can’t reload or switch weapons. You only get 2 bullets in your gun when you respawn so you either need to be super lucky or find ammo, get a full magazine, and try to get two precision kills without being killed first. I contemplated quitting so many times because of this stupid medal. So many moments a kill would be stolen from me, some ding-dong would show up with a super, or I just straight up suck at sniping. But I finally did it… one time. That’s all I needed. It was over!

As much as I hate hand cannons too, the grind for that wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I had the Hawkeye medal done already (I have no idea how or why) so I just had to run around getting enough kills. I surprisingly had some good runs with it using Thorn and Necrotic Grip gloves as my combo. This one also started with me at 6 out of 100 kills.

I chipped away night after night with god-awful PVP load outs. I was absolute trash. I wanted to tell everyone that I promise I am better than this! I just want this stupid title done! Truthfully, once that god-awful sniper medal was done, I knew I could finish the title. My last objective was to get 100 trace rifle kills (I had zero naturally). I slowly chipped away at the hand cannon and trace rifle triumphs one night, until the only thing standing between me and the title was 76 trace rifle kills.

To make me feel more productive, I hopped on my exercise bike while I loaded into Crucible with Ager’s Scepter. As I was pedaling, I decided on a whim that I would not stop until I finished the kills. 20 miles later, I did it. Hilariously, I thought I was going to finish it in one final match, but one kill kept me from completing it. I had to load into ANOTHER match to get one kill. The second I got it (plus one – I got a double-kill when I first loaded in), I signed out and stopped pedaling.

Deadeye acquired! I do feel accomplished finishing it, but I’m not really sure why I subjected myself to it because I know I will never equip it. I think it’s just nice knowing that if I put my mind to it, I can get it done. Even if it means my K/D is now .99. I have never had my K/D that low before… I’ll make up for it next season.

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