Gjallarhorn, a Dungeon, and Xur’s Space Pony

Every Destiny player has been waiting for this day. Bungie’s 30th anniversary has given us a plethora of new content that players are already grinding out. Since it’s Tuesday drop, I’ve acquired both new exotic weapons, blasted my way through the new dungeon, and have been repeatedly dancing on the back of a space pony. The horse demands Destiny updates. I must oblige.

Rather than jumping straight into the activity the game forces you to play upon initial launch, we backed out and loaded up the new dungeon. I’m proud to say we beat the Grasp of Avarice without looking up any strategy guides. This dungeon wasn’t particularly difficult, but I think it is the best one. It is so fun and varied compared to the more serious tones of other activities. I was laughing out loud because the dungeon is filled with surprises and littered with booby traps. One type of trap you’ll run into early and often are those that are set off by pulling a switch. In this next video, you can see that I’ve been burned by doors before and why I hesitate when picking one to open.

I love the variety in the different sections of the dungeon. The mechanics of each section are fun to figure out. Like with every Destiny dungeon or raid, you’ll be introduced to pieces of mechanics that build to a large-scale fight. Because this dungeon is based off the Loot Cave from Destiny 1, you’ll be collecting “engrams” to make your way through challenges. As you celebrate these successes, make sure to stay alert. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

The other fun aspect of the dungeon is that it is linked to the gjallarhorn quest. Gone are the days of grinding out Atheon for the coveted drop! Aside from completing the dungeon (a requirement to get gally), the quest steps for this rocket launcher are really fast and easy. The gun is just as fun to use as it ever was and I really hope they don’t nerf it into oblivion. Side note, you’ll also find gjallarhorn’s catalyst through the dungeon. I haven’t really looked into it yet, but there are lots of guides and posts with the steps outlined already.

The other new game mode introduced in this update is the Dares of Eternity offensive activity. Xur and his space horse are hosting a game show with randomized rounds of objectives separated only by wacky obstacles courses.

If you’re lucky, at the end of this activity there is a lightning round that can start. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t something specific that triggers it. I’ve only experienced one lightning round and it was pretty chaotic. Fortunately overcoming this challenging round is well-rewarded with additional chests.

This activity is also tied to the other new exotic gun, Forerunner. I am NOT a sidearm fan and NEVER use them, but with this gun paying tribute to the Halo pistol, this feels nothing like your conventional sidearm.

After hitting rank 4 with Xur, you’ll earn a key that is used in his domain to open a path forward. After running around and climbing through some strange hallways, you’ll reach your final destination and take this gun for yourself. While running around, I happened across a skull in the snow and I have no idea what it is for at the moment.

I’m having a lot of fun with the new content! The Halo tribute guns have me feeling nostalgic and I’m collecting new emotes, ornaments, and other cosmetics (I’m a sucker for them). I’m looking forward to seeing what other things Bungie has in store for us. The Dawning event is starting making December a month packed full of action. There’s no time to waste! Launch activities and take off into wormholes! Or … whatever this is that happened to me.

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