Raiding in Destiny 2

Vault of Glass has been our go-to raid, but as we’ve fallen into more of a rhythm, we’ve started adding more into our rotation. Something we’ve added is the Riven encounter in the Last Wish raid. Let me be clear, I have literally never stepped foot into this raid before this. Apparently, you can just jump around to different encounters whenever you want, so our group decided to go beat Riven for a chance at the exotic gun One Thousand Voices.

Everything you see from here on out should be accompanied by my voice going, “what is happening” repeatedly. I honestly don’t know what is going on. I started to catch on to the mechanics, but don’t ask me to explain anything to you in depth.

For this encounter, what we did does not actually involve the raid mechanics so I don’t know what actually goes into this fight. This method requires you to drop down into the void past a giant Riven monster and run towards a room. You look for her shadow to pass in front of some, idk, wall of… space? If you see her shadow, you’re in the right room. Then, you stand in a corner and DPS the ish out of her until the next phase happens. If you don’t see her shadow, you wipe and keep doing this until you see her shadow. As you can see here, there is no shadow passing by, so this run is a wipe. Lol at the psion being flung across the map by Riven’s face.

When she is there, you will try to drop her as quickly as possible to start the next phase. As you can probably tell from this video, this is my first time ever seeing this. I don’t know what the crit spot is or what to do. I’m just blindly shooting. Probably doing a shit job at damage, but hey, it’s a team effort and I dropped a Well.

After that, you do a jumping puzzle which I repeatedly said, “where am I going” and “idk what I’m doing”. This clip is from a separate run so I actually made it to the end. The first time I did this, I got lost and died pretty quickly. As long as someone makes it to the end, it’s time to start the next phase and shoot Riven in the face. Here you can see my boyfriend flexing his hunter jump which he thinks is the best, but he’s wrong about that. Warlock forever.

This is not the end unfortunately. Revive everyone, kill her, and get ready to move (you can see I still have the same name as my brother – please make it possible to change names soon, Bungie). After you end her, you gotta run up in them guts and shoot something in her stomach. Once you do that, there is yet another step to the raid.

This is the only mechanic I started to learn because we wiped a few times. Once you get up in her guts, there’s an orb you have to pick up. You pick up this orb and run it to a spot where you dunk it to beat the raid. The person who is supposed to pick up the orb is marked as “Fate’s Chosen”. Everyone must stay within the bubble of the person with the orb. While you are running, everyone is shooting adds. There’s a timer running on the Fate’s Chosen person and once it gets close to zero, everyone needs to get out of the aura because the person with the ball will be teleported to another realm. If you are in the aura, you get teleported too. You don’t want that! You need people to keep picking up the orb and running it until the end. Another person will become Fate’s Chosen and you’ll continue this cycle.

The people in the other realm are doing damage to adds and timing the breaking of some lights to extend the duration of the Fate’s Chosen countdown. If you get this right, you get to the end, smash the orb, and complete the raid. In this video, I am in the other realm. There is only one person left with the orb and despite the number of “oops” moments we had during this run, we somehow managed to pull this off.

If you are not in the realm, you are running with the orb as quickly as you can. You can actually see the timer reset on the left-hand side while I’m spinning around wondering where to go. My clip ended right as it said we beat it, whoops! I got scared and ran away because I didn’t want to die or something. This clip was from the very first time I experienced beating Riven.

According to my triumphs list, I’ve beat the Last Wish raid. Hah. I would like to learn how to do this better and actually understand the mechanics. I think the more we raid, the more opportunities I’ll have to learn what is happening. Once you beat it, there’s a room filled with chests. Pick a chest and hope for the best! None of us got the gun. Womp womp.

In the meantime, we are still perfecting our Vault of Glass technique. We’re pretty polished at this now and can run through it quickly without issues. Most issues can now be attributed to buggy accidents or just not paying attention because we are coasting through so quickly. Enjoy this clip of my brother trying to titan his way past the jumping puzzle in Vault of Glass.

The goal we have is to beat Atheon and get Vex Mythoclast. So far, only one person in our group has acquired it… until now. I’m not one to usually hold my breath, but I decided to put on a celebration emote just in case I was the lucky recipient of the gun. And guess what!? It was finally my turn to get the gun… maybe to the dismay of my fireteam because I was feeling so casual about the final encounter that I changed my batteries during the DPS phase, whoops!

Here’s the moment Atheon died and I realized Vex was mine:

Vex Mythoclast was amazing in Destiny 1, but since I just got it, I haven’t had a chance to experience how it works in Destiny 2. Either way, I’m pretty excited to have it again!

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot into Garden of Salvation. Is this one worth checking out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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