We Have People to Play Destiny 2 With Again

Back in the day, Destiny was our go-to game. We had a steady group of friends we regularly raided with. We were constantly joining groups for Iron Banner, raids, and strikes. In Destiny 2, it hasn’t really been like that. We hadn’t finished a raid and I basically dropped off the planet because it just wasn’t the same anymore. I would still play occasionally with my niece. She wanted to train to get better at the game, but after I made her run some strikes with me, I don’t think she wanted to keep up the training.

In the past couple of months though, we’ve got a group of people to play Destiny with again. Friends who had never played before joined the game and some familiar faces rejoined us. We finally started playing more in-depth, difficult content. We started with dungeons and toyed around with raids. We never had a full raid team though, just enough to squeak past a couple of encounters, but not enough to finish it.

Once we had enough people to play with a full raid team, we decided to go into Vault of Glass. To be fair, Vault of Glass was a raid from D1 that came back to D2. We ran the shit out of Vault of Glass in D1, and while a lot of it is the same, there are a lot of new features to the raid that make it more challenging. By the way, since my brother signed into my account once, we both have the same name and we can’t change it until Bungie enables that feature. Until then, there are two Fat Cat Kookies…

Vault of Glass was our first raid in Destiny 1 and it was the first raid we completed in Destiny 2. Completing VoG was a strange feeling. It felt familiar and new at the same time. After years of playing Destiny 2, we finally beat our first raid in it. We used to regularly run people through raids in Destiny 1, and we tried to get groups together for Destiny 2, but it was never successful. Finally, we had a group to run with again (watch for detainment, nerds).

We started getting more people to join us and we’ve now run into the problem where we have too many people to potentially play with. Since beating VoG, we thought maybe we should try another raid – a Destiny 2 raid we’d never done. We had 4-manned Deep Stone Crypt up until a point, but we just couldn’t beat it. Now that we had more people, we could finally try to beat it.

Imagine that, having a full raid team makes things easier. It took us some time to get our groove, but once we synced up, we powered through and passed the Atraks encounter for the first time. We finally went through parts of the raid we had never seen before and had to learn the mechanics of the next encounters. We also got shot in the face repeatedly with arrows while we waited for people to get past parts of the jumping puzzle.

We got to the final boss before we had to call it a night. The next night, we hopped on and went into the final encounter. It felt surreal, but we finally did it. We beat Deep Stone Crypt for the first time. Side note, I hate fusion rifles, but this season is forcing me to use them. Also, why is Taniks Dr. Robotnik?

I’m still a lazy Destiny player. I’m slacking on the new seasonal content. I’m the type of player who likes to play the way I want to play and I don’t like changing it up. Actually completing raids again makes me think I might just start playing more regularly again. Maybe I’ll even get back to my crucible roots and scrub the floor with some dorks.

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