Doom Eternal: Nostalgic Mayhem

I have not played a Doom game since the originals. It was one of those games I’d watch my parents play on the PC and then eventually was allowed to play too. I can still vividly recall the sounds of the enemies, what guns I liked to use most, and the changing face of your character in the bottom of the screen as your health status changed.

I decided to try Doom Eternal and see what it’s all about. This game feels insanely fast and chaotic at times. Fast-paced, colorful, and full of graphic, stunning visuals, the Doom world is a delight to explore. With weapon mods and glory kills to enhance the gameplay, half the time I’m not sure what move I’m executing – I’m just mashing buttons and hoping I don’t die. There’s no aiming, crouching, or reloading in this game. Most of the time, I’m just jumping around shooting my guns (missing most of my shots) and whining that I don’t have enough ammo, but I’m still having a lot of fun with it.

One of my favorite aspects of this game is seeing how the old Doom world I knew is reimagined in this one. Seeing the new looks of familiar foes is a treat. I find myself recalling things like hunting down keys and grabbing the radiation suit, then comparing it to how it feels in this game. Another big change is the use of jumping puzzles. I’m not really into them, but it’s a big mechanic in the game. Rather than showcase that, here’s some more carnage.

I have been laughing a lot. The game feels manic and the controls are complicated, but it’s fun. I personally feel like it is a game that is hard to leave for a while and come back to because of this. I took it out of my gaming rotation for a while and now jumping back in, I’m dying more than I ever did before because I can’t remember how to do anything.

Doom Eternal has numerous collectibles you can track down and you’ll find them in your ship after you’ve discovered them throughout the campaign. Music and toys can be displayed and there’s even cheat codes to hunt down. If I’m being honest, if the Doom slayer had a backstory before this game, I didn’t know about it. The story here isn’t really why you’re playing – it’s basic and generic enough, and it’s mostly fun to watch how both people and demons respond to your presence. The game does a good job of making sure you know you’re a badass.

That won’t stop demons from going toe-to-toe with you and as you progress through the story, you’ll start to pick up some familiar weapons and you might even squeal with laughter when you first get to shoot the BFG again. Nothing is more satisfying than that gun.

While I did experience some glitches (what Bethesda game is complete without them), overall the gameplay was a lot of fun. It’s probably not a game I’m going to replay, but it was fun and entertaining. Maybe I’ll run back through with the cheat codes on just to get the collectibles.

I probably wouldn’t spend money on this game, but since it was on Game Pass, it was worth experiencing. If you’re looking for just some hectic, senseless, graphic, FPS fun, Doom Eternal will hit the spot.

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