I Beat Limbo Today

… With the caveat that I totally had to Google how to do the last couple of puzzles. Maybe it’s just me, but they were not intuitive. I liked the game overall, but I could not figure out the final puzzles on my own. Thankfully, walkthroughs and YouTube exist and I’m going to share my own gameplay here.

I’d like to pretend that I’m a devout gamer who is dedicated to the experience of learning things the hard way and committing to trial and error, but I’m actually pretty impatient and will give a valiant effort before throwing in the towel. I’m totally okay with admitting that I did not figure this all out on my own.

In my frenzied Google searches, I learned that there are chapters in this game although I cannot find a discernible label or indicator when you progress to another chapter. I was typing in things like “gravity box and saw”, “magnets and boxes”, and other random combinations of terms hoping I’d find the right puzzle.

The final stages play with gravity. Most of the puzzles are a matter of good timing so you’ll spend a lot of time being chopped up, electrocuted, shot, or crushed as you try to figure them out.

I’m sharing the puzzles that stumped me the most below. I hope this is helpful for anyone who finds themselves facing the same problems I did.

The first puzzle that stumped me was this one. Below you is a massive pit meaning that everything has to take place on the ceiling. The catch is that the timer doesn’t last long enough to get across which means you’ve got to make multiple trips. A lot of these puzzles require you jump into oblivion and hit a switch so that you don’t die.

With these next gravity puzzles, listening to the music is important. It will speed up when it’s getting ready to change direction so you have to pay attention in order to time the jumps appropriately. There is no switch to change the direction of gravity; it changes automatically with the music. In this next puzzle, you have to hit the switch for the magnet and then time your jumps so that you are lifted out of the way before you’re shot.

After you get through this hurdle, you have several others that rely heavily on timing. Once you’ve figured out the timing, you may have some blunders, but you’ll understand the gist of what needs to happen to avoid dying.

I would not have figured out the final puzzle on my own – thanks, YouTube! Gravity timing is important here. You’ve got a saw above you, a saw in front of you, and above that saw is an electric shock that will instantly kill you. This puzzle is all about timing it so that you hit the switch as you’re falling with enough force to send you below the saw and into the finale.

… and that’s it! You shatter through glass, land on the ground, and eventually get up. You make your way forward to find yourself at the end of the game. I did get a notification that I unlocked a Limbo avatar reward, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s because this is an Xbox 360 game?

In conclusion, Limbo is not a scary game. It has some horror/creepy elements, but it’s not a game that will give you nightmares. It is a game with puzzles that get progressively harder and without guides, I don’t think I would’ve ultimately finished this game. If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require a huge time commitment, has a bit of mystery, and comical gruesome deaths, Limbo is a solid way to pass the time.

You can find part 1 here: “Is Limbo Scary? My Investigative Report”

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